Product Comparisons

Large format printer comparisons

Which large format printer will best suit your needs?

There are lots of factors at play that influence which large format printer is right for you. These are just some of the considerations:

Colour versus black and white

If your large format printing needs can be met by a black and white printer, this will save on budget, but if you need colour printing this opens up far more options from entry-level to advanced models.

Multifunction versus printer only

Do you need your printer just to print, or would it be useful to have an ‘all-in-one’ solution that can offer scanning and other features?

Materials used for print

Will you be printing onto paper, card, plastic, fabric, or other material? This will help define which model of printer is right for you.

Ink choice

Do you need the best quality inks that will print to the highest DPI or will a lower DPI suffice? If the finished product won’t be examined up close, it may be worth saving budget and opting for a lower DPI.

Software choice

Does your printer need CAD/ GIS software that syncs with mobile applications, or do you simply need good quality display graphics workflow software?


Last, but certainly not least, how do the various printer models compare against each other both in terms of purchase price, but also running cost?

When researching the best wide format printer for your organisation, you will also want to consider factors such as size (and whether you have sufficient floor space), ease of use, efficiency and productivity.

To make the research journey a little easier, we have put together the following product comparisons to enable you to compare and contrast large format printers.