Large Format Printing for Photography Studios, Galleries and Museums

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The relevance of large format printing for photography studios, galleries and museums

There is nothing to rival large format printing when it comes to making an impact.

As a result, large format printing is frequently used by photography studios, galleries and museums – with the output appearing in exhibitions, gallery openings and professional portfolios.

As you would expect, print quality is everything for this sector which, by its very nature, trades on visual precision. Sharpness, vibrancy of colour, durability of ink, light fastness, and the material on which the images can be printed are all key considerations.

Advances in print technology are making it possible to achieve the quality and level of detail desired by this group. For many businesses in this area, investing in a large format printer can make practical as well as financial sense. It also offers the opportunity to expand their service offering to clients, opening up additional revenue streams.

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Large format printing opportunities for photography studios, galleries and museums

If you’re a professional photographer or photography studio, you might want prints of your shots for commercial purposes, sale, display or exhibition. Professional-quality prints that make an impact are at the heart of your profession. That’s why vibrant, dramatic colour and the ability to print on various types and sizes of media are essential to your work. You’ll therefore need a high-quality large format printer to render your photographs to maximum effect.

If you run a gallery or museum, quality will also be top of your agenda with your work coming under close public and media scrutiny, particularly when holding events and exhibitions. Using a large format printer that’s up to the job can mean that crucial difference by elevating an ordinary piece of art (or exhibition display) to an extraordinary piece that wins your audience’s attention and inspires!

If you currently outsource your large-format printing to a third-party supplier, bringing your printing in-house can offer a host of benefits. Perhaps most importantly, it will give you full control of your printing projects from a quality assurance perspective.

It will also allow your business or organisation to act in a more agile way by creating printed collateral to your own timeframes. This flexibility could make that vital difference when organising a large exhibition or working through multiple photography commissions, for example.

As well as the benefits of managing your own printing, you could also reduce your outsourcing costs and open up new sources of income. This could involve selling your own photographic or art prints to a wider audience, for example.

Large format printing challenges for photography studios, galleries and museums

Despite the frequent use of large format printing in this sector, there are several obstacles that lie in the way of producing print material.

1) Quality

Quality is non-negotiable for this sector. With your own in-house large format printer, you won’t have to compromise on this essential aspect of your work.

Today’s large format printers offer exceptional image quality, accurate colour reproduction, high colour gamuts as well as impressive speeds. This makes them an ideal choice for a sector that covets quality as well as productivity.

2) Time pressure

The majority of large format printing jobs need to be turned around quickly. Bringing large format printing in-house increases the options for creating print material quickly and in line with demand.

If you work in a busy photographic studio, for example, having your own printer could make a significant impact on the number of photography commissions you could complete in a given time-frame. It also allows you the ability to print your work outside of standard business hours when required.

3) Flexibility

Bringing large format printing in-house offers much greater flexibility. This is particularly true for one-off print jobs which can be carried out cost-effectively using a digital printer.

Crucially for this sector, printing in-house also enables you to edit your material easily and produce new versions without incurring extra costs or delays.

Benefits of digital printing for photography studios, galleries and museums

The digital printing industry is evolving at pace. Print quality is continuously improving, so much so that it now rivals that of analogue printers. Digital printing also offers the ability to simplify many of the processes involved in traditional printing. In the photography, galleries and museums sector, this means faster print timescales, easy edits and opportunities for extra income.

Some of the main benefits of in-house digital printing for photography studios, galleries and museums include:

  • Faster turnaround times: productivity and printing timescales are improved, one-off printing becomes more cost-effective
  • Improved flexibility: printing on-site offers the ability to update or edit material quickly and cost-efficiently, avoiding additional costs or delays. This can be a huge bonus in a sector where quality and attention to detail mean everything. It also means that urgent printing requests can be easily fulfilled, thereby reducing the potential for delays.
  • Costs: cost savings from in-house printing can be channelled into other key areas. Businesses can also open up new revenue streams, such as selling photographic and art prints (and related products) to a wider audience.
  • Small footprint: with today’s digital printers offering sleek styling and a small footprint, you needn’t worry about them dominating your studio, gallery or museum
  • Scalability: when printing in-house, you don’t have to fit your schedules around a third-party supplier. The equipment you need is on-site and you don’t have to wait in a queue. This can be a game-changer when demand changes or you’re presented with unexpected, time-sensitive requests.

If you’re interested in learning more about how digital printing can support your photography studio, gallery or museum’s large format printing needs, please get in touch.

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