Large Format Printing for Engineering and Construction Companies

Engineering and construction professionals inspecting printed plans

The relevance of large format printing for engineers and construction companies

Engineers and construction companies are frequent users of large format printing. Despite predictions that printed technical drawings would become obsolete, they still play an integral role in this sector and are a vital part of day-to-day work.

If you walk around any construction site, you’ll see for yourself how much the workforce relies upon printed material, such as construction plans. This is in part due to their accessibility and portability, as well as to the fact that they exist independently of technology – so don’t depend on an Internet connection.

Not only do technical drawings play a critical role on-site, they’re also just as relevant off-site for use in client presentations and meetings, for example. For many businesses in this sector, investing in large format printers increases flexibility and convenience, and makes financial sense. As this sector is increasingly being asked to complete projects in ever-quicker time-frames, having the ability to print in large format without outsourcing to a third party means that urgent requests can be quickly and easily carried out.

Large format printing opportunities for engineers and construction companies

As an engineer or construction professional, you need to have precise large format printed collateral that you can be confident in. Details such as fine lines, tones and text need to be razor-sharp and understood by everyone. Whether printing CAD, GIS or technical drawings, you need maximum clarity and a consistent level of quality in your printed output.

For engineers, the accuracy of fine detail as well as high speed are likely to be key criteria. Today’s technology allows this group to print a wide range of essential documents with impressive clarity. This includes large-scale drawings, blueprints, renderings and schematics, for example.

For construction professionals, affordability as well as flexibility are likely to be top of the agenda. Today’s large format printers allow this group to print CAD drawings, plan renderings, as well as site items such as building wraps and banners quickly and cost-effectively, with minimal fuss.

Ease of use is another key factor for this busy sector with engineers and construction professionals having multiple competing demands on their time.

If you currently outsource your printing to a third party, bringing it in-house can offer an array of benefits.

Crucially, it will allow your business to act in a more agile way by enabling you to create printed collateral on-demand. In a deadline-oriented, fast-moving sector, this flexibility could make that vital difference in having collateral ready in time for a client presentation or in meeting project deadlines. It could also help you reduce overheads and provide a more comprehensive overview of the ‘actual’ costs for this area of your business – something that’s difficult to achieve when outsourcing to a third party.

Large format printing challenges for engineers and construction companies

Despite the frequent use of large format printing in this sector, there are several obstacles to producing print material.

1) Software compatibility

As engineers and construction professionals use a variety of software types to produce their technical drawings, your large format printer needs to be compatible. Today’s large format printers can integrate with the leading CAD and GIS software to fit with how you work.

2) Quality

As an engineer or construction professional, you need printed collateral that you can rely on 100%. Advances in technology mean you can create large format printed documents with precise detail, such as text and varying line weights.

3) Time pressure

Bringing large format printing in-house increases the options for creating print material quickly and in line with demand.

Having your own printer could make a significant impact on your ability to carry out urgent requests, thereby avoiding delays. It could also allow you to print outside of standard operating hours when needed.

4) Flexibility

Bringing large format printing in-house offers greater flexibility. This is particularly true for one-off print jobs which are cost-effective to carry out using a digital printer.

Crucially for this sector, printing in-house also enables you to edit your material easily and produce new versions without incurring extra costs or delays. For example, documents can be updated, annotated and scanned with ease. Networked Wi-Fi connectivity also means you can print from a range of mobile devices and apps, increasing convenience even further.

Benefits of digital printing for engineers and construction companies

The digital printing industry is evolving at pace. Print quality is continuously improving, so much so that it now rivals that of analogue printers. Digital printing also offers the ability to simplify many of the processes involved in traditional printing. In the engineering and construction sector, this means faster print timescales, increased convenience and easy edits.

Some of the main benefits of in-house digital printing for engineering and construction companies include:

  • Faster turnaround times: productivity and printing timescales are improved, on-demand, one-off printing becomes more cost-effective
  • Improved flexibility: printing on-site offers the ability to update, edit and access a host of material types quickly and cost-efficiently. This can be a huge bonus in a fast-moving sector that’s subject to regular change requests. It also means that urgent printing requests can be easily fulfilled, thereby reducing the potential for delays.
  • Costs: managing printing in-house should reduce the associated overheads and offer a more comprehensive overview of the ‘actual’ costs involved. Cost savings from in-house printing can be channelled into other key areas.
  • Small footprint: with today’s digital printers having a minimal footprint, you needn’t worry about them taking up valuable space

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