Canon TM-200 VS Epson T3200

Canon TM 200 vs Epson T3200

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200 vs. Epson SureColor SC-T3200

Canon Europe commissioned a report to be produced by Buyers Lab to look at the relative strengths and weaknesses of the Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200 versus Epson’s SureColor SC-T3200. Specific tests were conducted to compare image quality, productivity, ink consumption, direct print submission functionality, cleaning routines and more. The results are below and demonstrated that the Canon TM-200 outperformed the Epson T3200 in most areas.

All testing was performed in Buyers Lab’s European test facility in Wokingham, UK.

  • Advantage
  • Canon
    imagePROGRAF TM-200
  • Epson
    SureColor SC-T3200
  • Image Quality
  • Print Productivity
  • Ink Consumption
  • Direct Print Submission Functionality
  • Device Feature Set
  • Print Driver Feature Set
  • Printhead Reliability/Cleaning Routines
  • =
  • =


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The Canon TM-200 was found to have superior productivity, lower ink consumption and richer device and driver feature sets. Image quality delivered by both printers was consistent with the standard expected of models targeted at the graphic arts market and designed for technical print applications. Both devices achieved highly accurate colour reproduction, consistent skin colour tones and smooth halftone coverage in both colour and black. Overall, the Canon model delivered superior image quality with text and fine line reproduction in colour surpassed that of the Epson model. The Canon TM-200 also delivered lower ink consumption across two different print scenarios, when printing three 50-page runs using a Retail Sales Poster and a GIS Map test target.

In the productivity evaluation, the Canon TM-200 had a clear advantage with faster speeds in the majority of tests. This makes it the more productive choice for high-resolution environments such as photographic studios as well as being well-suited for medium-resolution work such as signs and posters. One significant productivity boosting feature is the Canon TM-200’s ability to handle ink outages without having an impact on user productivity or causing unnecessary waste due to an innovative feature that allows for inks to be replaced on the fly.

Overall, faster productivity, superior image quality and lower ink consumption clearly demonstrate the Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200 to be the stronger model in Buyer Lab’s large format printer evaluation.

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