Canon TA-30 vs HP T650

Canon TA-30 v HP T650 product comparisonCanon imagePROGRAF TA-30 vs HP DesignJet T650 – Fact or Fiction?

When looking for a new large format printer it can be hard to find true, impartial advice and reviews, especially online. In all the marketing articles and write-ups it can sometimes be difficult to distinguish between how a device is being used in a demo showroom rather than in actual real-world situations.

How can you separate between what is fact and what is fiction?

As an example, there have been a few videos published over the last couple of months showing competing entry level large format printing devices that can be used for a variety of applications. One of these pitches the Canon imagePROGRAF TA-30 against the HP DesignJet T650. After watching the video you’d be thinking that there is only one clear choice of device to buy. However, after further research all may not be quite as it appears. Fact or fiction … you decide.

Job Set Up

Canon Direct Print job set upFiction: Canon Print Direct lacks functionality in a number of key areas

Fact: Canon Direct Print & Share actually allows you to create and save custom page sizes, provides a real time print preview and also features an advanced user interface. In addition, there are numerous capabilities included within Direct Print & Share that cannot be carried out using other job set up tools. These include free layouts, cropmarks, shortcut workflows, media setting changes and much more.


Canon TA30 v HP T650 speed testFiction: It can take the Canon imagePROGRAF TA-30 twice as long to carry out a job compared to the HP T650.

Fact: Using a mixed set of A1 and A3 prints in a single job run has highly debatable real-world relevance. However, with a typical large format print application that uses only the print roll and not cut sheet, the Canon TA-30 is actually faster. If a mixed A1/A3 job is needed on a regular basis then a hot folder can be created in order to streamline set up. This can then be used for each of these jobs thereafter.

Line Accuracy

Canon TA30 ink line accuracyFiction: Print lines produced by the Canon imagePROGRAF TA-30 are 33% less accurate than the HP T650.

Fact: Referring to equivalent fast/draft print modes makes this suggestion completely irrelevant. On the Canon TA-30 the draft mode is designed for checking the layout. It is deliberately quick and designed to use less ink for greater cost efficiency and with less concern for optimal accuracy. In Standard mode the TA-30 excels with outstanding line accuracy, perfect for detailed architectural plans and drawings.

Colour Gamut

Canon TA30 comparative colour gamutFiction: Suggestion is that the HP T650 produces more vivid colours, with up to 65% higher colour gamut and more vivid details.

Fact: This suggestion is misleading. On the Canon imagePROGRAF TA-30 the draft mode is designed for checking the layout. As less ink is used, the colours are not intended to be particularly vivid, which would be wasteful. Print in standard mode and the colours are incredibly vivid and there is a wide colour gamut too.


Canon TA30 ink efficiencyFiction: During routing maintenance the T650 uses 95% less ink that the Canon imagePROGRAF TA-30.

Fact: This assumes that the print heads are cleaned twice per month. However, if the printer is being used at least once per week, as is likely, this maintenance is not required with the Canon TA-30, making this suggestion meaningless.

Page Yield

Canon TA30 page yieldFiction: The HP T650 can produce an extra 101 A1/D pages per month due to better  efficiency.

Fact: This assumes that the print heads are cleaned twice per month, which is misleading. If the Canon imagePROGRAF TA-30 is used at least once a week, its print heads do not need cleaning. The real-world reality is that the TA-30 actually uses less ink per page.




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